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Shanghai Safer Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

       The company is a new set of r & d, production, sales in one of the pharmaceutical r & d companies, focusing on the production of API and its intermediate r & d and technical services. The company has a young and energetic elite team, professional r & d laboratory and stable cooperation plant, equipped with standardized production workshops and equipment, can provide from mg level to hundreds of kilograms of product r & d and production. Because of this, we can provide high quality products and professional services, and customers at home and abroad to achieve long-term cooperation.

       Company tenet

       People-oriented, pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, social returns.
       Our tenet
       Reputation first, customer first, quality satisfaction, delivery on time, and you are willing to sincere cooperation, hand in hand development.
       Service tenet
       Warmly welcome new and old customers, and accurately understand customer needs; Strict quality process control to ensure the contract delivery cycle; Timely quality tracking, quickly deal with quality objections.
       The quality objective
       With the factory control standard superior to the domestic and international standards, to meet the customer's expectations and requirements of product quality.
       The spirit of enterprise
       Famous in China, famous in the world.
       The business goal
       Create Chinese famous brand, the world quality goods.
       Marketing strategy
       Unique varieties, excellent quality, moderate price, timely delivery, flexible strategy, high quality service.
       Enterprise style
       Economy stresses benefit, management stresses system, handling affairs stresses principle, work stresses efficiency.
       Enterprise moral
       Honest and trustworthy
       Business philosophy
       No one I have, people have my superior, people superior to my special, people special to my essence.
       Humanistic concept
       Take the lead in thinking and put people first.